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Universal Life Insurance

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Universal Life Insurance 

Preserve your legacy and keep assets intact.

Universal life insurance offers policy owners the flexibility to choose both the amount of insurance and the premiums to be paid. Through powerful guarantees in a second-to-die policy, a life insurance policy in which benefits are paid to heirs – usually children of a married couple – only after the last surviving spouse dies, AG Secure Survivor GUL® II helps to provide more control and peace-of-mind during uncertain economic times.

Learn more about AG Secure Survivor GUL® II, and get universal life insurance quotes online or by calling 888-543-3371. Wondering how much life insurance you need? Use our helpful calculator.

Who could benefit?
  • Those that need the protection of life insurance.
  • Adults 50 – 75 years old and in reasonably good health.
  • Anyone qualifying who wants to avoid risk and is concerned about the impact of taxes on their estate.
  • Those that want to leave their personal or business assets, as many as possible, intact.
  • Someone needing their business to continue without interruption when they die.
  • Persons wanting their charity of choice to benefit from their legacy.
  • Those wanting to replace gifted assets in their estate.
What are the highlights?
  • Guaranteed death benefit protection.
  • Flexible Continuation Guarantee allows policy owners to select their guarantee period and premium-funding period.
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation provides flexibility if needed in the future.1
  • Pro-rata adjustments on partial withdrawals allow policy to remain in force with proportionally reduced death benefit, cash values and guaranteed premium.
  • For purposes of maintaining death benefit guarantees, premium payments received within 28 days following date of issue, and each subsequent premium due date, are treated as received on time, and 1035 exchange premiums are treated as if received on the date of issue.2

1 Accessing cash values may affect the continuation guarantee.
2 Internal Revenue Code Section 1035 and associated rules are complex in nature. The policy owner may incur surrender charges from the previous policy and be subject to new sales and surrender charges, as well as other limitations with the new policy. It is highly recommended that the policy owner consult a tax advisor prior to exchanging a policy.

Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions. Partial withdrawals or loans will reduce the death benefit and cash value and could reduce the duration of coverage. Partial withdrawals may be taxed as regular earnings. Policy owners should consult a tax advisor to determine if a transaction is a taxable event. This product is not available in the state of New York. Policy form numbers 13239, ICC-13-13239; Rider Forms 11990, ICC-1990, 01904.

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