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Universal Life Insurance
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AG Secure Lifetime GUL II - Protection with Optionality and AG Asset Protector

AG Secure Lifetime GUL® II guaranteed universal life insurance combines long-term financial security with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. Now including Optionality® – a unique package providing you with life insurance that offers long-term protection and maximum flexibility. You select the coverage amount, the duration of the death benefit guarantee, and how long you want to pay premiums. You can build guaranteed cash value that can be accessed through future withdrawals.1

AG Asset ProtectorSM, available on AG Secure Lifetime GUL II policies, provides a unique package of living benefits that allow access to death benefits while living. The AG Asset Protector product suite includes two life insurance riders: the Accelerated Access SolutionSM which allows income tax free access to death benefits if diagnosed with a chronic illness, plus the Lifestyle Income SolutionSM which allows access to your death benefit for any reason after age 85.


AG Secure Lifetime GUL II is an ideal life insurance solution if you:

    • Need the death benefit protection of life insurance 
    • Are age 40-75 and in reasonably good health 
    • Are risk averse and want strong guarantees 
    • Need to provide cash or replace income following your death 
    • Seek a policy that can adapt to changing circumstances 
    • Seek additional protection against outliving your income

Benefits of AG Secure Lifetime GUL II

  • AG Secure Lifetime GUL II provides long-term guarantees to protect your policy from lapse. Unlike other products of its kind, it can also build substantial long-term guaranteed cash value, and to adapt to future needs by allowing policyowners the choice to:

    • Choice of coverage amount, duration of death benefit, with length of time you pay premiums based on individual needs¹,²
    • Guaranteed cash value, independent of interest-rate fluctuations
    • Opportunity to build cash value, accessible by withdrawal³

1 Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. 
2 Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions. 
3 Partial withdrawals or loans will reduce the death benefit and cash value and could reduce the duration of coverage. Partial withdrawals may be taxed as regular earnings. Policy owners should consult a tax advisor to determine if a transaction is a taxable event.

Policy Form Numbers 13460, ICC13-13460; Rider Forms 82012, 82410, 88390, 11990, 13972, 91401, 82001. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.  This product is not available in the state of New York.

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