Employee Alerts

February 28, 2014

The New York metro region is expected to get more snow this weekend, which is forecast to continue through Monday.

As always, your safety is our primary concern. All offices are expected to remain open for business as usual on Monday, March 3. Please consult with your manager if you have any concerns about your commute to or from the office as there may be an impact to roads and mass transit. We will continue to monitor for developments in the forecast and provide updates accordingly.

Employees are advised to take home laptops and any other necessary work items, make sure that you have contact information available for your department, and confirm with your manager regarding work from home options or other plans which may need to be invoked as part of your department’s business continuity plan.

Please refer to the below resources for additional information:

Phone Hotline: 1-888-SNOW-AIG (1-888-766-9244)

Thank you.

AIG Global Security and Business Continuity

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