AIG AIG Board of Directors Names Peter D. Hancock President and CEO

AIG Construction Goes Global: Infrastructure and Project Delivery Across Borders

New briefing paper with Foreword by Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution 

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AIG CyberEdge PC

First-of-its kind, excess, difference-in-conditions cyber insurance solution that helps organizations stay ahead of the curve of cyber risk.

AIG Award-Winning Multinational Program Design Tool

AIG Yacht Loss Prevention in South Florida

Yacht fires in marinas, boatyards or ports present unique
challenges, but firefighter training is typically land-based.
To address this risk, AIG has been organizing special 
training events.

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AIG Introducing Global Casualty Single Solution.

3 Coverages. 1 Submission. 1 Contact.
Yes, it’s that simple

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AIG Wildfires are inevitable; wildfire damage is not

Go behind the scenes with 
AIG Private Client Group’s Wildfire Protection Unit® 

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