Trade Credit Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Medium Term Trade Credit Insurance

Confidence now available in five-year increments.

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Trade Credit Trade Credit Solutions for Multinationals

A new standard in accounts receivable protection.

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Trade Credit The True Value of Trade Credit Insurance

Increase your sales and profits with trade credit insurance.

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Trade credit insurance provides sellers with the accounts receivable protection needed to safeguard themselves against a customer default due to financial or political events. Our solutions range from policies that insure all or part of a seller’s account receivables book to a host of industry leading online tools that allow sellers to manage and set customer credit limits using live sales ledger data.

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Trade Credit Products and Services

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  • AIG Trade+

    AIG Trade+ is the first ever trade credit insurance product to combine non-cancelable limits with ground up cover. Delivering credit limit certainty, minimizing policy administration and speeding up the claims process, it also offers tremendous opportunities to insurance brokers.

    Accounts Receivable Insurance

    Is Accounts Receivable one of your largest assets? Do you know there is insurance for the asset accounts receivable? These are good questions to ask when you think about insurance for your company because Accounts Receivable exposure is one of the least insured risks. Without protection on your Accounts Receivable, there is a big gap in perceived risk mitigation if a company’s customer defaults on a payment.

    Global Limits Manager

    A web-based accounts receivable management tool designed to establish, monitor and revise customer credit limits using live sales ledger data, supplemented where necessary with credit agency data providing a powerful insight to a company's receivables risk portfolio.

    Medium Term Trade Credit Insurance

    Whether an OEM or lender, companies offering longer repayment terms are exposed to multiple economic and geopolitical cycles that magnify the risk of non-payment due to customer insolvency, protracted default and political events.

    Trade Credit For Multinationals

    Whether a client needs local policies, a global policy, or a combination of both, we can design a controlled master program to provide it.

    Trade Credit Insurance

    Protection for companies that sell goods or services on credit terms against the risk of non-payment due to buyer insolvency, protracted default, political risks or acts of war that prevent contract performance and failure to perform obligations under contract.

    Trade Finance

    Credit insurance supporting structured and supply chain finance transactions based on trade receivables.

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