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Private Edge Plus

A common misconception about privately held companies is that they do not need to purchase management liability insurance—a misconception that can prove financially devastating to private companies and their executives in the event that they become the subject of a legal action.

PrivateEdge Plus is a flexible insurance policy that allows private companies of any size to obtain market leading management and professional liability coverages tailored precisely to provide the protection needed for the risks that threaten the entity, management, employees, and board of directors. 


Features & Benefits

    • Flexibility to choose one or more of the seven management and professional liability coverages

    • Simplicity of one common expiration date for all coverages

    • One interactive online application and one point of contact from quote to bind 

    • Protection for directors and officers (D&O) even when a company refuses or otherwise fails for any reason to advance or indemnity for a covered loss 

    • Support of our specialized D&O claims unit dedicated to managing claims brought against public, private and not-for-profit organizations and their management

    • Access to premier panel of attorneys to defend management and professional liability claims

    • Access to EPL Pak Premier, a loss prevention resource enhanced with online tools for dealing with regulatory compliance, training and best practices in risk management


    • Directors and Officers Private Company Liability

    • Employment Practices Liability 

    • Fiduciary Liability

    • Fidelity

    • Employed Lawyers

    • Professional Liability

    • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion

    • Coverage is available with shared or separate limits

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