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Our clients receive expert care and swift protection precisely when it’s needed. We invest heavily in medical liability research to develop coverages that are more effective and affordable for healthcare sectors under severe liability pressure. Our underwriting, claims and loss control staff work cohesively as one unit to not only provide an unparalleled customer experience for clients, but also create innovative ways to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry as regulations and healthcare reform continue to change and adapt.


Members of the healthcare industry face claims from a variety of sources, including shareholders, patients, regulatory bodies and attorney generals. These claims often involve serious allegations and defending such can require millions of dollars in legal expenses alone.

We provide a variety of customizable products that address the distinct risks of healthcare providers whether for-profit or non-for-profit, publicly traded or privately held. From professional liability to environmental, property, directors and officers liability and more, we leverage an array of expert resources, from defense counsel to targeted crisis response assistance to help healthcare providers manage and minimize incidents and claims when they occur.

Interested brokers can search below to learn more about the spectrum of standard and specialty insurance products and services we offer members of the healthcare industry.

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General Aviation

Cost-efficient, flexible protection and superior coverage for owners, operators and aircraft management companies of all sizes.

Alternative Risk

Alternative Solutions & Product Innovation

There may be times when a company needs to mitigate a substantial risk that is not addressed effectively in the traditional insurance or financial markets. We help clients address these challenging exposures by providing highly customized, innovative programs that apply insurance and/or capital market strategies.

Global Fronting Programs & Captive Management

There are times when companies face challenges that the traditional insurance or financial markets not may not address effectively. We help companies address non-traditional exposures by providing highly customized fronting programs that apply insurance and/or capital market strategies. In addition, we provide captive management and consulting services regarding the feasibility, formation and management of captives, and offer cell captive facilities.


Commercial Transportation

Customized casualty solutions that address the standard and specialized insurance needs of a variety of transportation risks, from trucking operations of all sizes to airline workers’ compensation, railroads, mass transit and livery.

Commercial Umbrella Liability

Customized commercial umbrella solutions designed to minimize the potential for dangerous coverage gaps and inconsistencies between layers of coverage for companies of varying sizes and business sectors.

General Liability

General liability insurance is designed to protect businesses from the costs of accidents, injuries and property damage sustained by third parties. Companies of all sizes and industries need sound protection against these traditional exposures, as well as more complex exposures such as product liability, advertising injury and reputation damage.

Healthcare Liability

Comprehensive coverage and service solutions to meet the professional, general and excess liability needs of the healthcare industry, such as hospitals, physicians, long term care, pharmaceutical companies and more.

Product Liability

Primary and excess product liability solutions for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and importers involved throughout the chain of commerce.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation coverage provides wage loss and medical benefits to workers injured in the course and scope of employment. Our workers’ compensation programs combine insurance with expert loss control, safety engineering and claims management aimed at improving loss experience and protecting employees.


Commercial Pollution Legal Liability

Provides property owners and operators with coverage for site liability, non-owned disposal sites, contracting operations and transportation exposures.

Management Liability

CrimeGuard Choice®

Insurance protection for companies (and their employees) against the dishonest acts of an employee as well as forgery, safe burglary and computer fraud on a global basis.

Employment Edge®

Employment practices liability insurance coverage that addresses the full range of exposure that companies face, including those arising from workplace bullying and employee use of the internet and social media.

Executive Edge®

Cutting edge management liability protection to respond to the personal risk directors and officers of publicly-held companies face due to the financial scandals, changes in the law, and more.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance Edge®

Protection for directors, officers, employees and employers who are alleged to have breached their fiduciary duty or made mistakes in the management or administration of employee retirement and benefit plans.

Not-for-Profit Risk ProtectorSM

A flexible insurance package that allows non-profit organizations of any size to choose one or more of six coverages and combine them in one comprehensive program with shared or separate limits.

Professional Liability


Flexible protection against rising occurrences of sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, dumpster diving (theft of discarded records), cyber terrorism, computer virus and employee sabotage or pilferage of information and identity theft.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Coverage that can be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of a broad array of professional service providers including claims of negligence arising from fee-based services as well as for economic losses sustained by third-parties.


Construction All Risk

First-party property insurance solutions for onshore commercial, industrial and energy construction all-risk (CAR), erection all-risk (EAR) and civil and infrastructure projects.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance, which may not be covered by standard property insurance policies, responds to physical and financial losses suffered when specialized electrical, mechanical or steam equipment is damaged.

Large Limits

Increased property capacity to help protect a broad array of commercial occupancies including healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, public authorities, retail and higher education from catastrophic losses.

Standalone Property Terrorism Coverage

Property insurance that provides broad protection against losses to physical assets arising from terrorist acts around the world.

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