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Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance

For most of us, our home is our biggest and most precious investment. With the HDB Fire Insurance scheme, most of our flats are insured under the plan. However, many of us do not know the extent of the coverage.

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This plan complements the compulsory HDB fire insurance in helping HDB home owners to better protect their homes.

In an unfortunate event of a fire or break-in, losses or damages to your renovations, home contents and personal belongings are not covered. If a fire should start from your flat, you could also be potentially liable for bodily injuries and damages to property belonging to your neighbours.

Imagine the financial setback and emotional stress should such an unfortunate incident occur. Hence, it is important to ensure adequate cover for your home and family against such unexpected loss and damage.

For as little as $0.19 a day, you and your family can enjoy complete peace of mind with comprehensive coverage of up to $330,000.

Coverage includes:

  • Household Contents4
    Covers up to $100,000* loss or damage to your Household Contents and fixtures and fittings that are caused by the insured perils3 listed in the policy.
    *Includes coverage of up to $25,000 for loss or damage due to theft by forcible entry.
  • Alternative Accommodation
    Covers alternative accommodation expense of up to $10,000 if your insured premises are made uninhabitable due to insured perils3.
  • Personal Liability
    Covers you and your immediate family members5 who may be held personally and legally liable for accidental death or bodily injury or accidental property damage to a third party, up to $200,000.
  • Personal Accident
    Covers Accidental death benefit up to $10,000 for you and your spouse (65 years and below). 
  • Building (Additional Benefit)
    Covers up to $92,0001 for losses or damages to the building2 arising from insured perils3

1. The sum insured for building is dependent on the flat type and will vary from $19,000/annum for a 1-room flat to $92,000/annum for an executive apartment. Details are specified in the policy terms and conditions.
2. Building refers to the your residence and fixtures and fittings provided by HDB, based on current standards and specifications as defined by HDB. The common areas, fixtures and fittings added by you or the previous owner of the building, interior decorations, household furniture and fittings are excluded.
3. Insured perils shall mean fire, lightning, explosion of domestic appliances, smoke damage, earthquake, bursting and overflowing of domestic water pipes, vehicle and aircraft damage, malicious damage, riots and strikes, spontaneous combustion and theft by violent and forcible entry. Excess applies for selected insured perils where applicable.
4. Household Contents refer to your interior decorations, fixtures and fittings installed and not provided by HDB. Your furniture, furnishings, clothing and personal effects belonging to you or your Immediate Family or Domestic Worker permanently residing with you are covered. However, cash and currency notes are excluded from cover.
5. Immediate family shall mean parents, spouse, children, siblings, or domestic servants permanently residing in your residence.

All the above benefits are subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.


  1. I own a private apartment, can I buy EPHCI?
    EPHCI is only available for HDB flats. Owners who wish to insure their landed residential property, condominiums and private apartments can obtain cover under other home protection plans.

  2. I am insured under HDB Fire Insurance. In the event of a loss/damage to my building, can I claim under the HDB Fire Insurance and EPHCI?
    The building coverage under EPHCI supplements the insured’s HDB Fire Insurance policy or its equivalent policy. Hence, in the event of an insured peril, the insured must first make a claim under HDB Fire Insurance or its equivalent policy before submitting a claim under EPHCI building cover. We will therefore provide reimbursement for the balance amount for loss or damage that is not claimable under the above mentioned policies.

  3. Does excess apply for any of the listed insured perils?
    Excess of $200 applies for resultant damage caused by burst water pipes within the insured’s premises. For theft of personal valuables by forcible entry, an excess of $100 applies for each and every claim.

  4. Is there a difference in my premium if I move from a 3-room flat to a 5-room flat?
    There is no difference in the premium across the different HDB flat types.

  5. Can I pay additional premium to increase the sum insured?
    EPHCI is a packaged plan and there are no provisions for additional premium to increase the sum insured. For other home insurance plans that allow the flexibility, please contact your agent or broker. Alternatively, please call our hotline at 6419 3000 for assistance.

  6. If I move house during my policy period, what happens to my policy? Will I get a refund?
    If you are moving to another HDB flat, simply inform us in writing and we will amend your address in the policy schedule.

  7. How do I file a claim?
    Simply call our hotline at 6419 3000 and our customer service officer will attend to you. If necessary, a loss adjustor will be appointed to assess the damages and claims.

    However, if the policyholder has moved to a non-HDB type of dwelling, please inform AIG of the cancellation request and a refund will be made on any unused premium.  A minimum premium of $69 will be retained. 


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For a continuous coverage with automatic yearly, sign up via GIRO and enjoy continuous coverage renewal at only $70.62 per year.

To enjoy five years of continuous coverage, save $17.10 by opting for 12 months interest-free installment payment plan via POSB/POSB/UOB at $28 a month for 12 months.


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