Workers Compensation


All workers’ compensation claims - from the simplest medical-only to the most complex - receive the focused care and attention needed for prompt and effective resolution. AIG’s nationwide network of specialized workers’ compensation staff help to reduce claim costs through proactive strategies, including disability management and early return-to-work programs.

  • Medical Management Program
  • AIG provides quality medical management services that help reduce claim costs. The innovative medical management program, Productivity Edge, focuses on the timely delivery of the following medical services:
    • Pre-injury management, including managed care coordination and early return-to-work programs
    • Medical expense management, featuring preferred durable medical equipment and ancillary medical service provider networks
    • Telephonic case management, including peer review and utilization review services
    • Field-based case management, featuring an expansive network of nurse consultants
  • Litigation Management
  • Litigation Management
    Claims in litigation benefit from some of the nation’s top legal defense firms and forensic evidence experts, and claims that require field investigations are referred to a premier team of investigators who undertake a rigorous and methodological approach.

    Alternative Dispute Resolution
    AIG is committed to the strategic use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to help mitigate defense and indemnity expenses and achieve effective and expeditious claim resolutions.

    A number of states have adopted statutes that enable special ADR programs to resolve workers’ compensation claims in place of the state workers’ compensation process. These ADR programs utilize flexible mediation and arbitration processes to help deliver workers’ compensation benefits and quality medical care to injured workers faster. Where available, AIG promotes the use of this non-adversarial and cost-efficient solution to resolve work-related injury claims for insureds and their union employees.
  • IntelliRisk®
  • IntelliRisk® is a web-based claims management system that provides accurate, real-time access to claims data. Designed to help facilitate every step of the claims process, IntelliRisk allows clients to:
    • Report a claim through first notice of loss (FNL), an online application that facilitates state and Acord forms and routes the submission to the appropriate claim office
    • Generate standard and monthly loss runs in real time with daily access to updated data
    • Review claim details at the client, account or policy level with flexible dashboard displays
    • Easily locate nearby hospitals, doctors or other medical facilities through the medical provider listing and view state-specific regulations on provider selection
    For sophisticated risk management needs, IntelliRisk Advanced Services has features such as adjuster activity notes, alerts, profiling, OSHA facilitation and wireless access through web-enabled devices.

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