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We provide solutions to address insurance and risk management needs of airlines, aircraft operations and aerospace facilities of all types.

Aerospace Products and Services

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  • Aerospace Products Liability

    Full range of aerospace products liability insurance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

    Aerospace WorldSource Package

    The AIG Aerospace WorldSource product provides U.S.-based aerospace operations with a streamlined, single-point of access to key foreign commercial insurance coverages and vital benefits for employees working or traveling outside the U.S.


    Physical damage, passenger liability, third-party liability and comprehensive general liability coverage for passenger and cargo airlines.

    Airports, Ground Handlers and Service Providers Liability

    Products and services tailored to cover the potential liabilities arising from the operation of an airport, private strip or heliport, whether owned or operated, as well as the risk from ground handlers and service providers.

    Aviation Workers' Compensation

    A full range of coverage for all types of aviation-related exposures utilizing guaranteed cost, large deductible and retrospective rating plans.

    General Aviation

    Cost-efficient, flexible protection and superior coverage for owners, operators and aircraft management companies of all sizes.

    Unmanned Aircraft

    Physical damage and third party liability coverage, explicitly designed for the exposures of unmanned aircraft

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