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Our accident and health solutions offer a diverse portfolio of plans that protect individuals while traveling or while they’re engaged in recreational activities. Specific niches include special risk insurance and student insurance solutions.

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  • Amateur Sports Accident Insurance

    Our participant accident plans can also provide accident medical benefits for participants, coaches, officials and other volunteers who are injured in covered accidents. These plans also complement an organization’s general liability plan by covering injuries under a separate accident policy.

    Camp Accident Insurance

    Our Camp accident insurance plans can help provide medical benefits for members who are injured in covered accidents. These plans also complement an organization’s general liability plan by covering injuries under a separate accident policy.

    College Student Health Insurance

    Essential and affordably priced health insurance programs offered through educational institutions for college and university students.

    Day Care Insurance

    Managers, owners and directors of day care centers and other child care facilities alike all know the importance of safety in their businesses. However, accidents can and do happen. With Day Care Insurance, child care groups can provide key accident insurance benefits for staff members and children enrolled in their facility.

    Developing Markets

    We are the market leader for customized accident insurance plans designed to meet the needs of groups or associations. Based on our experience of working with top brokers and clients, we focus the industry’s leading underwriting and actuarial talent on creating solutions for niche-oriented organizations that meet their specific risks and needs. Examples of our distinctive, one of a kind program (programs not available in all states) include insured plans for egg donors, cosmetic surgery complications, jockey’s and concussions incurred during athletic participation.

    Direct Marketing

    As a global leader in affinity marketing, we provide a complete turn-key solution for our marketing partners designed to strengthen their brands and relationships with their customers, by offering top quality products and services. Our clients take full advantage of our size, strength and relationships to streamline essential functions and to minimize reliance on their internal resources. Our goal is to help clients exceed the customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue goals of their specific programs.

    Entertainment & Hospitality

    Organizations in the entertainment and hospitality industries have unique insurance risks that require a nimble provider with the flexibility to meet their unique risks. Our participant accident plans can play a significant role in comprehensively insuring entertainment and recreational organizations, by providing valuable accident medical expense, AD&D, and catastrophic cash benefits and offsetting general liability coverage.

    Faith-Based Organizations

    Faith-based organizations depend heavily on volunteers to minister to the needs of their congregation, with many religious institutions relying almost exclusively on volunteers to run their day-to-day operations. AIG’s Participant Accident Insurance can insure their volunteers against some of the inherent risks that accompany the diverse range of activities that they perform on behalf these organizations.

    K-12 Student Insurance

    When accidents occur on school property or during supervised school activities, they can present potential liabilities to schools as well as financial and emotional hardship to affected families. AIG’s K–12 risk management programs can help provide financial protection and help schools fulfill their commitment to the health and well-being of their student body.

    Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

    Thousands of non-profit organizations, religious organizations and NGOs provide essential services to help those in need and build stronger communities throughout the United States and the world. AIG’s Participant Accident Insurance can insure their members, volunteers, employees* and other participants against some of the inherent risks that accompany the diverse range of activities they perform on behalf these organizations. *In addition to covering volunteers, we can cover the employees of Non Governmental Organizations under its Participant Accident Insurance.

    Travel Protector

    From medical emergencies and unexpected severe weather to civil unrest, organizations with members who travel either domestically or internationally need to be prepared for a host of potential hazards that can put their people in harm’s way. That’s why they need an end-to-end insurance and assistance program that can respond promptly and effectively to travel emergencies, especially when faced with limited resources and budgets.

    Volunteer Accident Insurance

    General liability and workers’ compensation coverage may not cover volunteers of non-profit organizations. Organizations that depend on volunteers for their continuing operations may benefit from alternative coverage options like our Volunteer participant accident coverage. Our programs affordably meet the coverage needs of these organizations.

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